After why hire a gardener, the question we most commonly encounter is why choose our garden maintenance package?

In many respects the answer is the same. We are the experts. As we approach our 30th anniversary of designing and maintaining gardens in Cambodia, Eden Landscape Design has an unparalleled knowledge of what works in a Cambodian garden.

However, just creating your very own garden of Eden is insufficient, you also have to maintain it so that it flourishes rather than shrivels up and dies.

Gardens need proper maintenance

It makes absolutely no sense to spend all that money on creating your dream garden and then skimp on maintaining it. This is why at Eden Landscape Design we always offer our clients a detailed garden maintenance package.

Garden maintenance saves money

Long term you will even save money through proper maintenance of your garden.

I have lost count of the number of times that someone has said to me, “every time I buy a new plant it quickly dies”. Whether it is planting the wrong species in the wrong location, under-watering or overwatering, or using too much fertiliser, if you do not know what you are doing you risk losing everything. And that can be both a costly and disheartening experience.

Proper maintenance ensures your plants will last longer, and you will save money.

Also, by having a well-manicured garden you can increase the value of your property, so in the long run you are actually making money.

Eden Landscape garden maintenance services

Our garden maintenance package provides you with peace of mind. For instance, any plant which fails during our maintenance contracts is replaced for free.

Each garden maintenance package is specifically tailored to a customer’s specific needs. The range of garden maintenance services we can offer include: collection and disposal of all leaves and debris, as well as pest control. We also provide all our own tools and materials.

Our team of professional tree surgeons will maintain the health of your trees, trimming branches to keep your garden looking pristine as well as flourishing.

We can save your time

We know that most of our clients are busy people. Hiring us to maintain your garden allows you to focus on the things you really want to, assured that we will keep your garden looking its best. Secure your peace of mind from knowing you have chosen the most well-established and best gardeners in Cambodia.

At Eden Landscape Design we don’t just create your dream garden, we ensure that it stays that way. Visit this link to see more information about our garden maintenance services.