Just because you have a small space to work with, it doesn’t mean that you cannot come up with some creative inspiration for your garden.

Eden Landscape Design has almost 30 years of experience in garden design and home landscaping in the Kingdom of Cambodia, which means that we are ideally equipped to come up with ideas to develop a successful garden design regardless of the size of your garden.

Here are a few garden design ideas for small spaces and outdoor landscaping.

Save space and create layers

By careful use of vertical gardens and climbing vines you can make even the smallest space appear more substantial. Consider creating layers to your garden by the judicious use of different layers within your space.

Choose the right species

Avoid seasonal species to allow for consistency throughout the year. While tall leafy plants can create screening and provide your garden with secluded areas. If choosing shrubs ensue that these are hardy.

Trees and potted plants

Trees will add height to your garden, increasing its cubic size. Potted plants and planters will make your garden more manageable.

Create the right outdoor landscaping

You might want to have a green oasis, but when contemplating garden design ideas for small spaces, it might pay to consider decking or even stepping stones to bring the most out of your garden or yard.

Change your perspective

Especially with small spaces it is important to consider how your garden will look when viewed from inside your house or apartment. After all you spend the majority of your time inside your building.

As with all gardens it is important to take into consideration how you will maintain your garden or yard. This is one of the reasons that at Eden Landscape Design we offer a garden maintenance package that we can tailor to your needs. A badly maintained garden can start to wilt quickly, and it could become costly to replace wilting species.

In addition to garden and small yard landscaping, we can also come up with creative balcony garden ideas, so regardless of the size of your outdoor space we can come up with the optimal landscape design.

Finally, it pays to seek advice from experts. It may seem a bit overwhelming, which is why you should hire an expert garden, such as Eden Landscape Design.

Regardless of the size of your outside space, we can sweep away all the concerns and turn your dream garden into a reality.