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Eden Landscape Design's Story

Eden Landscape Design was formerly Bill Grants Landscape Design. With a background in fashion, interior and landscape design Bill arrived in Phnom Penh in October, 1991 to design the interior and garden of Crackers Restaurant, one of the first trendy, western eateries to open in the city. Little did he know that 27 years later Eden Landscape Design would establish itself as Cambodia’s leading garden design and maintenance company.

Fully registered with the Royal Government of Cambodia, Eden Landscape Design has acquired an intimate knowledge of tropical plants and how they behave over the long term. We assist our clients in selecting  plants which have proven to be hardy, with relatively easy maintenance. We carefully purchase the healthiest trees and shrubs in the region, elevating the quality of our work above the competition. With our various maintenance packages we ensure that your garden will always look it’s best.

An attention to detail, which is so vital in any design,  plays an important part in each projects design and is apparent in the careful choice of colours and the use of contrasting leaf textures. Our gardens are  always created to compliment architectural features and cover a wide spectrum from Balinese tropical to very minimalist modern, depending on the requirement of a given space. The latter go particularly well with the new breed of modern architecture seen in and around the city.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Pillars of traditional Khmer wooden houses are transformed into living totem poles to become the focal point of one garden, while Angkorian architecture and barays translate into strict geometrical lines for another.

The very shape of the available space may dictate the character of a design as when it is necessary to make a long narrow garden look wider. It is our objective to give pleasure to satisfied clients, but we also consider our gardens as spaces to be enjoyed by birds and insects as well as people. Species which encourage their arrival are planted and clients are encouraged to use organic pesticides and fertilisers for ongoing maintenance.

In 2015 Bill, our founder, sadly passed away and the company is now run by his nephew, Julian Grant, who has lived in Cambodia since 2003. Our staff, many of whom had trained and worked with him over the previous years are dedicated in carrying on using the same principles that Bill believed in.

Examples of our work can be found throughout the country, some of which can be viewed here on our website.

For Further Information

Please Contact: Julian Grant on telephone: 012 415 337 (Phnom Penh) or email: Julian Grant Email